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Book your Cruise Now?

Okay it is hard these days to talk about your upcoming cruise.

As a cruise lover you have a countdown app on your mobile phone. MSC has even an app for the ships MSC Meraviglia, Bellisssima and Grandiosa. MSC for me. For us 56 days till boarding.

This gives you normally all the excitement you love! Pre fun!

But at this moment there is no much fun. Friends, colleagues, relatives do not appreciate your holiday preparations.

"Are you going on a cruise now?" "Have fun when you are in quarantine!" is said to us. Off course we are not thrill seekers in diseases but it is still 56 days! Who knows what's going on in 56 days.

So we will wait and see. And as we wait now, we see that some cruisers has cancelled their Cruiseholiday. MSC announced huge discounts on unsold MSC Cruise cabins. Only valid till sunday night.

Book your cruise now? For what's happening in the world I can not decide for you, but if you are looking for a great offer, I would say go for it now!! You have only this weekend!

For example: (Netherlands)

MSC Grandiosa,

7 nights, 2 adults & 2 children 10 and 12

Exterior room, fantastica experience

24th april start school holiday

Only 798 euro!!!

NL Citizen book here

USA Citizen book here

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